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FAKE Rating Community

Which -FAKE- character are you?

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All Members , Moderated
Which -FAKE- are you most like?

~ You MUST be 13 years or older.
~ Join the community before posting.
~ Be nice to others. If you have a disagreement with someone, please try and work it out in a mature manner.
~ You can post any news, pictures, etc. about the OVA, the manga, and the author as well. This will help to keep the community running!

~ You can find the application down below.
~ Please, be true to your own personality. Do not fill out the application according to the character that you would like to be voted as.
~ When posting your application, make sure that the subject title is Everybody! Shake it buddy!; it must be placed under an lj-cut.
~ If you do not like your result after you are stamped the first time, please wait at least two weeks before re-submitting an application. It's only fair to the newer members.
~ Please bold the questions in the application to make it much more understandable.
~ Make your answers, somewhat in depth. It makes the voting a lot easier.

~ These are the characters that you can be voted/stamped as:
+ Dee Laytner
+ Randy "Ryo" MacLean
+ Bikky Goldman
+ Carol
+ JJ
+ Berkley Rose
+ Diana Spacey
+ Ted
+ Chief Smith
(If I am missing any characters, of if you'd like the suggest one, please let me know) :D
~ When voting, please make a small statement as to why you are voting that person as a certain character. This is not mandatory, but it makes the community far more interesting.
~ After seven votes, you will be stamped. There will be a tie-breaker voting if necessary.

Thank you for joining this community!


+ Name:
+ Age:
+ Gender:
+ Interests:
+ Hobbies:
+ Talents:
+ Annoyances:
+ Weaknesses:
+ Fears:
+ Positive Personality Traits:
+ Negative Personality Traits:
+ Style (This can mean clothing, lifestyles, or whatever makes you as an individual):
+ Goals/Dreams:
+ Favorite Character:
+ Character that you are least like:
+ Anything else?:
+ Post atleast one photo. If not, write a quick description.

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